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Biocera Alkaline Hydrogen Antioxidant Water Bottle

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Biocera (AHA) Water Bottle

Biocera AHA (Alkaline-Hydrogen-Antioxidant) Water Bottle

Great for thirst

Drinking Biocera AHA water is an effective way to get rid of the thirst. Biocera AHA water is effective comparing to an ordinary bottle water by increasing the body’s hydration level.

Maintains Healthy Brain

Biocera AHA water is rich mineral-based alkaline essential water, giving proper hydration to the brain. Biocera AHA water helps our brain function by improving memory, alertness, focus and reduce confusion.

Muscles and joints

Biocera AHA water helps to lubricate the muscles and the joints, preventing from Rheumatoid arthritis and swollen joints.

Remove impurities

Biocera AHa water is effective at removing acidic wastes that are stuffed inside our body from our unbalanced diets, environmental polution and heavy metals. Biocera AHA water improves the quality of the body in the organs and the cells.

Improves blood functions

Biocera AHA water helps to maintain body performances by regulating the blood preasure such as hypertension.

Hydrates the skin

Biocera AHA water hydrates the skin, maintaining the best quality of the skin condition. Biocera AHA water is effective to hydrate the body and give freshness to our skin.


Biocera AHA water prevents wrinkles from developing. Biocera AHA water suppresses harmful active oxygen which prevents to aging properties.

– Eliminates bacteria, virus & harmful chemicals
– Inhibits bacterial growth after purification
– No heavy metals but with minerals; calcium, magnesium, potassium etc
– Alkalinity, hydrogen & antioxidant
– Removal of chlorine
– Water restructuring to smaller clusters for better absorption
– Ions & FIR energy
– Portable and on the go
– Safe when exposed to heat

Biocera A.H.A Water Bottle is a very unique innovation which aims to provide antioxidant hydrogen-rich alkaline water whenever it’s needed.  Just fill the bottle with water & convert it into healthy Alkaline water.  The attractive bottle is great for taking to work, traveling or to the gym.

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