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Codi Juize – Cordyceps

Codi Juize – Cordyceps “A superior source of antioxidants from plant!” Codi Juize is a combination of 20 types of fruits high in antioxidants with the cultured Cordyceps (SIPO Patent No: ZL 02 133562.1) from university in China. These ingredients are processed with Hexagonal Water Therapy and its small molecules, which enable the nutrients to…


LumiGlow Cream

LumiGlow The Miracle Cream LumiGlow® Cream is produced from a special formulation which is recognized as the best self-hormone remedy – the new star in biological medicine Dioscorea Villosa (Wild Yam). This special yam contains more than fifty hormone precursors. They usually grow independently in unpolluted barren lands without any insecticides and manure, thus automatically…