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Pure Essential Oil – Lemongrass ‘Raja Serai’

  ‘Raja Serai’ Pure Essential Oil 20ml ‘Raja Serai’ Pure Essential Oil 10ml What is essential oil? Essential oil is compound extracted from plants. The oil capture the plant’s scent and flavor, or “essence.” Unique aromatic compounds give each essential oil its characteristic essence. Essential oil is obtained through distillation (via steam and/or water) or…


Body Fragrance Oil – Lemongrass ‘Raja Serai’ 10ml

‘Raja Serai’ Body Fragrance Oil – LemongrassĀ  ‘Raja Serai’ Body Fragrance Oil 10ml Body Fragrance Oil (BFO) are main ingredient for producing Body Perfume EDP or Non-Alcohol Body Perfume Oil. Body Fragrance Oils are make from safe synthetic ingredients allow direct skin application without any side effect. A very important ingredient of lemongrass oil is…