LumiGlow Cream

LumiGlow The Miracle Cream LumiGlow┬« Cream is produced from a special formulation which is recognized as the best self-hormone remedy – the new star in biological medicine Dioscorea Villosa (Wild Yam). This special yam contains more than fifty hormone precursors. They usually grow independently in unpolluted barren lands without any insecticides and manure, thus automatically…


Biocera Anti-Oxidant Alkaline Water Unit BCW300

BCW300 Unit Biocera Anti-Oxidant and Alkaline Water The Ideal Water Filtration System The Biocera filters is designed to Purify, Alkalize, Ionize and Vitalize drinking water in one swift process without electricity. This unprecedented water filter system incorporates the latest scientific break through in life science and technology.┬á It is the most unique, cost effective and…