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Codi Cafe – Cordyceps

Codi Cafe Premix Coffee with Cordyceps “Refresh your mind every day!” Codi Cafe is a good choice of your morning beverage made from Arabica coffee which rich in flavor and aroma. Together with extract of Cordyceps, it revitalizes your mind every morning to be prepared for all challenges of life! Can people with heart problem…


Codi Juize – Cordyceps

Codi Juize – Cordyceps “A superior source of antioxidants from plant!” Codi Juize is a combination of 20 types of fruits high in antioxidants with the cultured Cordyceps (SIPO Patent No: ZL 02 133562.1) from university in China. These ingredients are processed with Hexagonal Water Therapy and its small molecules, which enable the nutrients to…