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Veo Inner Scarf

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What is Veo Inner Scarf (Nano technology)?

Bamboo charcoal is made from fresh Moso Bamboo and is also known as “Black Diamond”.
Early history records showed that bamboo charcoal was widely used in Asia, particularly in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China.

Bamboo charcoal contains high levels of minerals and has been used since the period of
ancient emperors. For years, especially in Japan, bamboo charcoal has been used for various
purposes – in the household, as kitchen appliances and for medication.

Benefits of VEO Inner Scarf

Facilitates blood circulation
Absorbs gas from the atmosphere
Absorbs odour and moisture
Releases negative ions
Contains Far Infrared Radiation Properties

Veo Inner Scarf with Nano-technology will help Muslim women always feel cool and comfortable when adorning the hijab – “a true friend” to all hijab-wearing women.

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